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Filter image results by color in Google Search Engine

Filter image results by color in Google Search Engine

Searching on Google often starts with entering a query.

A query is the set of words you type into the search box to tell Google what you want to find. Once you enter a query and get results, you can consider whether you want to focus the results in some way.

One really fun way to focus is to search in Google Images and filter results by color.

For example, you can do a search in Google Images for [fossils]. Once you have your results, you can look on the left-hand side of the screen and locate these rows of colored boxes:

Using these boxes, you can filter to find images of a specific color. So, if you want images that are primarily grey in color, you can click on the grey color box:

Not only does this technique select images that are grey in color, in the picture above you can see that the color actually implies context: these fossils are all in grey stone.

By clicking on different color boxes, you can see fossils embedded in different kinds of rock:

Color filtering is so compelling because you can find images based on information that might not be included in the text of the page.
The web pages containing these images may not say in what kind of rock the fossils are embedded, but you might have the expertise tell by its color. In this way you can use color to search for information that is only available to the eye.

The colors in an image often imply information you can not easily search for with words.

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